Presentation Pieces and Commissions

Smithers Silversmithing has created a wide range of hand-made special order pieces, reproductions, and religious objects in Sterling Silver and other metals

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14K gold

Private Commision

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Strawberry Pendant

Strawberry Pendant

14K gold

Private Commision


UMass Chapel

Legacy of Leadership Award, presented to Eugene Isenberg at 2012 UMass Commencement.

Replica of the Old Chapel: sterling silver with copper details and gold plated weathervane.


Miriam's Cup

Sterling silver Miriam's Cup

Design by Amy Riechert and Stephen Smithers

Collection of Jewish Museum of New York

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Triple Tier Chandelier

Hammered Brass Triple Tier Chandelier,

First Church of Deerfield, Deerfield MA

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Sterling Silver Trowel

Awarded by Mass. Horticultural Society at New England Flower Show, 1998-2000

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Sterling Silver Miniature Windsor Bowback

Chairs & Table

Retirement Presentation, Athol Table and Chair Manufacturing Co., 2001

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White House Ornament: Paul Revere's Ride

For the Blue Room Christmas Tree, The White House, 1999

Hammered and chased sterling silver

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Silver Reproductions

John Burt Mug, Samuel Edwards Tankard, Thomas Arnold Beaker

Sterling Silver Reproductions Licensed by Historic New England (formerly SPNEA)




photo: David Carmack  


Sterling Silver Sugar Caster     

Reproduction of an octagonal caster with pierced lid

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Cow Creamer

Hand hammered silver creamer based on an 18th century english design

Photo courtesy of Spencer Marks all rights reserved

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Peace Pipe

Replica of the Smithsonian silver peace pipe

Presented to the Delaware tribe 1814

by General William Henry Harrison


Details of engraved images

Hand engraving by Cedric Bannister


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